10-Minutes Funnel vs. ClickFunnel – Who is the Winner of the Funnel Battle in 2021?

10 Minute Funnel vs Clickfunnel

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It is a well-known fact that sales funnels are the best ways to generate leads and increase sales online. A well-crafted sales funnel can guide visitors toward conversion. For sky-rocketing your online marketing, there are many funnel-building applications and 10-Minutes Funnel and ClickFunnel are one of them. 

In this comparison guide, we will review the main features and compare 10-Minute Funnel vs. ClickFunnels.  While both offer the same service, helping their users craft high-converting sales funnels but still have some key differences in integrations, trail duration, and pricing plan, which play an important role in determining which one is best for you!

Before jumping into the quick comparison of both applications, let’s briefly discuss the Sales Funnel and its stages first. It helps you to get a better understanding of what funnels are actually for? 

Below, we’ll discuss the overview of the sales funnel and the preference of “sales funnel” over typical and simple “website” and compare the features of ClickFunnels and 10 Minute Funnels in detail. 


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1. Overview of “Sales Funnel” & Its Stages 

The sales funnel (also referred to as a revenue funnel or sales method) refers to the one process that helps you to convert cold prospects into hot leads. The sales funnel is divided into multiple steps depending on the actual sales model. Below are the four stages that represent your prospective customer’s mindset. 

  1. Awareness
  2. Interest 
  3. Decision 
  4. Action

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1.1- Awareness

Awareness is the stage in which prospects become aware of the existence of a particular service or product from advertising, digital media, or WOM (word of mouth) marketing. At this moment, the business catches a consumer’s attention. It might be an Instagram post, a Facebook post, a Google search, a tweet, or something else.

You can share ideas, advice, or solutions to grab the consumer’s attention. The content should be informative, fun, and interesting in the awareness stage of the sales funnel. Don’t be afraid to jump out of the box in creativity, you will need to stand out in an already crowded space. You can spread awareness about your product or service in many ways such as sponsored social media posts, guest posting or guest podcasting, Ebooks and whitepapers, infographics, videos, webinars, and in-person events. 

1.2- Interest 

In this stage, a prospect demonstrates an interest in a product by conducting product research. Once customers reach the interest stage among the sales funnel, they’re doing comparison shopping, and research over accessible options. 

It is the time to dive in with nice content that helps them select you, however, doesn’t sell to them.

If you’re pushing your product or service from the initial stage, you may put off prospects and chase them away. Your goal is to guide the consumer to make a correct decision and offer to help them in any way you can.

1.3- Decision 

The decision is the most crucial stage in which a prospect examines competitors’ solutions, and they are inch toward a final buying decision. In this sales funnel step, customers are ready to buy but might be considering two or three options, including you. 

It is the right time to jump and offer your best service. It could be a discount code, free shipping, or a bonus product. Whatever the case is, you’ll need to build it so irresistible that your lead can’t wait to settle on you.

1.4- Action 

When a consumer reaches the bottom of the funnel doesn’t mean your sales funnel process is complete. It is a final stage where negotiation begins. At the bottom of the sales funnel, the client purchases your product or service and becomes a part of your business’s ecosystem. At this point, you can turn one purchase into 10, 10 into 100, and so on. For example, if your customer is buying fishnet, you can show him fish food, fish jar, and other options, and convince him smartly. Moreover, for better customer relationships you can express gratitude for the purchase, invite your customer to give feedback and make yourself available for additional support if required. 

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2. Why Sales Funnel Over Websites?

Everyone knows that businesses need websites, but the long process of website making and launching is so intimidating.  People spend days, weeks, and months building a website, and it repays you with inconsistent traffic and low-quality leads. 

Now, we have a better option known as sales funnel. Sales Funnel website is something that generates leads, traffic, and sales like clockwork. 

2.1. What is the Difference Between a Sales Funnel and a Typical Website? 

A typical website shows a ton of stuff like some content, products, ads, news/blog, about us page, etc. And, amid all these things, they haven’t been clearly instructed as to what action visitors should take. It is one of the reasons that most website visitors leave because they haven’t been properly guided. While the sales funnel is like dealing with each visitor individually and moving towards conversion. Each page of the sales funnel is intentionally crafted to guide the visitor to the next steps and eventually lead to sales. 

Any marketing channel is a part of your sales funnel, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and even Google. Each marketing group and sales managers usually adopt strategies, tools, and techniques to optimize every stage of their sales process.

3. The Best Funnel Software & Tools in 2021 

It is a well-known fact that sales funnels are among the best ways to generate leads and make sales online. Here is the list of some best funnel software in 2021 that helps you to build pages that appeal to your audience and make them customers and clients;

  • ClickFunnels
  • Kartra
  • 10-minute Funnels
  • Leadpages
  • ThriveCart
  • ConvertKit
  • GetResponse
  • Unbounce
  • Kyvio
  • Wishpond
  • Funnelytics
  • Bento

ClickFunnel is one of the top known names in the funnel marketing tools. Due to the popularity of its features, it is often compared with various other famous funnel builders such as ClickFunnel vs. Kartra or ClickFunnel vs. 10-Minutes Funnel. 

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4. Overview Of 10-Minutes Funnels vs. ClickFunnels

You have probably been convinced by the advantages of the sales funnel to businesses and deciding between different funnels. There is much funnel-building software in the market, and choosing between two useful tools with more or less similar features can be quite challenging. 

ClickFunnel is popular due to its functionality, drag and drop builder, integrations, marketing automation, A/B testing, and many others. People with little to no coding knowledge can also build successful funnel pages in ClickFunnel.

It provides you with some great sales funnel templates that are super-helpful for beginners. ClickFunnel builder has a help button in case you get stuck somewhere in the building process. It leads you straight to the info base where you can find common issues or open a chat with an agent if you have a more specific issue.

10 Minutes Funnels is an easy and affordable marketing and website funnel builder. Anyone can create professional sales funnel websites and effective marketing systems. It has several pre-built templates for landing pages and sales funnel structures. 10-Minute Funnels help you get new sales to funnel campaigns built with a push of a button. It also comes with its own top-notch and premium securing hosting package. Below is the detailed comparison of 10-Minute Funnels vs. ClickFunnel

5. 10-Minutes Funnels vs. ClickFunnels – Detailed Comparison

Let’s look at both 10-Minutes Funnel and ClickFunnels in detail and break down everything that must be a part of a good funnel building software. 

Clickfunnels and 10-minute funnels both let you accomplish the same task of building great sales funnels but the main difference lies in the interface and pricing package. Both software provides you simple options to create and transform sales funnel pages, integrate applications like autoresponders and payment systems in a few clicks. They won’t let you run codes to perform advanced customization.  

But ClickFunnels has been in the market for a long time and has more than 90,000 active users and offers plenty of options as compared to other funnel building tools in the market. You can assume ClickFunnels as an elephant and 10-Minute Funnels as an ant. 10-Minute Funnel is much newer in the market and offers fewer integrations and other options for funnel building. 


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5.1. Main Features 

Every single feature matters when it comes to buying an application for your business. Comparison of features of ClickFunnels and 10-Minute Funnels helps you to find something that you won’t be able to obtain in the other.

5.1.1. ClickFunnels

  • ClickFunnels is an extensive sales funnel marketing tool (including email autoresponder, membership site, etc.). 
  • It is a true-blue service with more than 90,000 members worldwide. 
  • The price begins at $97 per month and offers a 14-day free trial
  • It has more features as compared to 10-Minute Funnels.

5.1.2. 10-Minutes Funnels

  • 10-Minute Funnels is only a sales funnel builder and it is much newer as compared to ClickFunnels.  
  • The price begins at $67 per month and offers a 14-day trial for $1. 
  • 10-Minute Funnels does not have plenty of features and options, also is a little less pricey.

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5.2. Pricing

Softwares usually have a long list of features that enables many people to purchase them, no matter how expensive it is. But in many situations, it turns out to be a wrong move. Many of those features might not even be useful to your business or be usable by your particular system. That’s why it is necessary to check the pricing plan thoroughly before buying. 

5.2.1. ClickFunnels 

ClickFunnels offers three easy-to-choose pricing plans;

  1. A starter or basic plan costs $97 a month plan, including 20 funnels, 100 pages, 3payment gateways, three custom domains, access to ClickFunnels form and Funnelflix, and no email marketing automation. 
  2. The platinum plan costs $297 a month and offers unlimited funnels, nine custom domains, nine payment gateways, email automation, priority support, and additional training. 
  3. The TwoCommaClubX costs $2.497 a month and includes a feature set of the platinum plan along with more premium privileges.


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5.2.2. 10-Minutes Funnels 

Here is a complete list of the 10-Minute Funnels pricing packages. 

(All plans embody a 14-day $1 Trial):

Standard: Variable pricing starting at $67/month or $684/year. 20,000 visitors/m, 100 pages, Nine Funnel Templates, 20 Funnels, Three Custom Domains, and 32 Page Templates. 

Premium: Variable pricing starting at $167/month or $1,884/year. Unlimited visitors/m, Funnels, pages, Custom Domains, 32 Page Templates, 9 Funnel Templates. 

5.3 Trial Duration 

The trial gives you all benefits of software without any hidden cost. You need to test any software in the trial duration before investing. Trails allow you to try and use all features without limitations and select the right system for your business. Some applications offer a free trial, others charge a few dollars depending on the duration. 

5.3.1. ClickFunnels

After signing up, the ClickFunnels trial is 100% free. The official trial period is only 14 days. Only after 14 days will you be charged. It is more than enough time to find if it’s right for you. You can find free trials in both the basic and enterprise plans. 14 days is enough time to see if the platform meets your business needs or not. Most internet marketers or ClickFunnels users say that it is the best investment they have ever made. 

ClickFunnels is simple to use, and with the ClickFunnels Extended Trial, you get more time to demo it. you’ll be able to use it to make sales funnels and membership sites, evergreen webinars, product launch sequences, standard homepage/webpage, check out page, and upsell flows. ClickFunnels additionally allows you to collect payments from third-party platforms, credit cards, PayPal, Clickbank, & JVzoo.

5.3.2. 10-Minutes Funnels

10 Minute Funnels does not offer a free trial; the initial 14-day trial starts from $1. After 14-days, you will have to pay $67 per month to continue in the initial pricing plan or $167 to start the premium plan. 

5.4 Integrations 

Integrations are one of the foremost things, people should consider while choosing a funnel building platform. They are key to smooth and efficient operation and a seamless customer experience through your web. 

5.4.1. ClickFunnels 

ClickFunnels is undoubtedly a robust sales funnel tool that takes your sales funnels to the next level. Moreover, you can spice up things by integrating them with powerful marketing tools available. It offers a line-up of useful integration tools to choose from; which you may or may not be using before purchasing ClickFunnels. They offer 25+ integrations. Actionetics, Active Campaign, Convertkit, Mail Chimp, ZenDirect, and Zapier are some of the common integrations platforms in ClickFunnels. 


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5.4.2. 10-Minutes Funnels 

We couldn’t find a listing of integrations that 10-Minute Funnels offer. As per their website, they integrate with all top email suppliers and for the smaller, less common email autoresponder services. 10-Minutes Funnel includes a specialized integration that mechanically adapts to each custom code you would like to feature to your pages. you’ll effortlessly connect with all of the highest shopping carts like PayPal, Infusionsoft, ClickBank, Amazon.com, JVZoo, and more. using drag and drop page builder, you can build a shopping cart to create CUSTOM order forms that enable your customers to bill through an Authorize.net or Stripe connection.

5.5. Alternatives 

People find alternatives to software for several reasons, such as not getting the specific feature they want, costly, or maybe looking for something more useful at an affordable price. Here are some top alternatives of 10-Minute Funnels;

  • ClickFunnels
  • Kartra
  • Instabuilder
  • Groove Funnels

5.5.1. Why ClickFunnels over 10-Minute Funnels? 

Both ClickFunnels and 10-Minute Funnel offer great services, and can certainly help you grow your business. ClickFunnels is much popular and old as compared to 10-Minute Funnel. It has plenty of great features. Moreover, it doesn’t cost you a single penny to get a 14-days free trial of ClickFunnels. Below are the pros and cons of both platforms which makes it easy for you to decide which one is best for your business.

5.5.2. Pros of ClickFunnels 

  • ClickFunnels provides speed of implementation. No need to code pages, you can quickly build and launch your ideas to get results and see how your market responds.
  • Integrations make ClickFunnels even more powerful. You can step up the game with zaps, integrations, custom code, and webhooks. 
  • ClickFunnels offers a pretty straightforward interface. You can quickly get comfortable in building pages after learning the Drag-n-drop editor.
  • You can easily edit or effectively customize the mobile layout of your pages.

5.5.3. Cons of ClickFunnels

  • Page load speed suffers a lot in ClickFunnels due to the shared server.
  • Image uploading gets a little buggy sometimes and you will have to refresh the page. 
  • In their email support, it will take a few days to get an answer, mainly if you have a question on a weekend.

5.5.4. Pros of 10-MinuteFunnels

  • 10-Minute Funnels has an easy-to-use sales funnel builder that provides an easy journey to its users.
  • With pre-built marketing funnels, you can customize the copy and launch it out to your audience in a short time. 
  • You can effortlessly drag and drop tools with live page builders to design your pages. No need to be a tech-savvy person.
  • Plenty of great marketing pages to customize unique designs. 

5.5.5. Cons of 10-MinuteFunnels

  • Lack of advanced funnel building pages. It doesn’t allow building coaching and consulting funnel, survey funnels, and many others.
  • The page designs are very simple and look very basic.
  • No community of people to get help.

After checking all features, pros, and cons, we prefer ClickFunnels due to its effectiveness, efficiency, ease of use, strength, and support.