Builderall vs. WordPress – The Ultimate Comparison in 2021

Builderall vs wordpress

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Scratching your head while looking at the infinite problems of your websites?

We won’t let you do that anymore! You are probably thinking how?

Firstly, you’ll need to identify the countless errors that negatively affect your website performance, such as messy codes, broken links, outdated website design, slow loading time, mobile incompatibility, security & certification problems, no periodic backup, integration problems, and many others. Secondly, analyze and rate your website’s condition from 1 – 10. If you are lying near 10 or have crossed 7, you are in poor condition, dude, and you need quick help! (Don’t Panic – Relax) 

Recovering or fixing the site problems takes much more time and effort than making a new one, mainly if you use website and landing page builders like ClickFunnels, Builderall, WordPress, Kartra, Kajabi, and many others. These marketing solutions are equipped with the best tools and features, including pre-built website templates, one-click integrations, fully secured, pre-installed SSL certificates, and much more. 


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As we wrote plenty of other detailed comparison guides of different marketing solutions like ClickFunnels vs. Builderall, SamCart, and Kartra, this one is about Builderall and WordPress. Both of them are excellent platforms when it comes to websites and landing pages. 

So without further ado, let’s get started and dive deep into comparing features, pricing plan, support, pros and cons, and faqs of both platforms. 

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1. Builderall vs. WordPress– Brief Overview 

WordPress and Builderall are both great software that serves you best if you use them in the right way. Both of them have different purposes. You can use WordPress to host a blog, publish all your articles, get most of the free traffic, or utilize Builderall to create sales funnels with less distraction of menus, links, and other elements. 

Builderall is an all-inclusive online marketing tool, which offers excellent landing pages, high-converting sales funnels, websites, online campaigns, and much more. It is known as the best platform for newbies and small entrepreneurs. 

1.1. What is Builderall? 

Builderall is a one-stop solution in web designing and digital marketing developed by Erick Salgado in 2011. It enables you to create and grow your online presence. Whether you are an entrepreneur or a new business venture, owner of a small business, or a company finding a route to flourish, Builderall caters to all your needs for online success. Here are some features that Builderall offers;

  • Build websites and blogs
  • Design & sell learning courses
  • Create ebooks, videos, & webinars
  • Run eCommerce stores
  • Run social media ads & campaigns 
  • Build membership sites
  • Build sales funnels with pre-built templates
  • Capture leads and sends email campaigns
  • Split test designs and track your analytics

1.2. What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open-source and free web-building platform developed by Matt Mullenweg in 2003. It is a CMS (content management system) written in PHP that uses a MySQL database on an advanced level. It is the easiest and robust blogging and website builder. 

From business and portfolio websites to e-commerce and blogging, WordPress is an excellent platform. It is designed with flexibility and usability in mind, which makes it an excellent solution for both large and small businesses. 

2. Builderall vs. WordPress – Websites 

Buiderall and WordPress both offer great builders for websites, landing pages, and sales funnel building. Let’s find out more about them; 

2.1 Builderall Cheetah Builder 

Builderall Cheetah builder was launched a few months ago by the Builderall team. The word “Cheetah” emphasizes its speed. It’s right! Builderall is a pretty speedy web-builder and landing page platform. Along with other beneficial features like a highly responsive editor, dozens of built-in templates, and opt-in forms, it has a website speed test that shows how your current website is doing. 

If you are finding a quick, easy-to-use builder with great speed, stop right here as Builderall is the ultimate solution for you. It has much more features than you could ever imagine. 

2.2 WordPress Website Builder 

A WordPress website builder is a free drag and drop editor for creating websites in no time. Anyone, no matter a newbie or a professional, can build incredible websites with this tool. The intuitive live page composer enables you to code in minutes and creates beautiful web pages effortlessly. No design experience is needed. And the best part that we love about WordPress page builder is it’s free and completely front-end-based functionality along with plenty of design options. 

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3. Builderall vs. WordPress – Support 

Builderall cares about their customer and provides the maximum support. You can contact their team directly or reach the support via email, support groups, and communities. However, WordPress users will never find good support. They have to resolve problems on their own. 

3.1 Builderall Support 

Builderall provides plenty of options in customer support. The Builderall users can connect through live chat support, a Facebook support group with 24.6K members, email support, and a knowledge base. Hence it is a popular platform; you will find abundant informational videos on Youtube. They have their own Youtube channel (Builderall USA) where the users will get the most knowledge about their platform. 

3.2 WordPress Support 

WordPress has a downside in this regard. It doesn’t offer direct support; instead, the users will have to rely on communities, blogs, forums, social media groups, and youtube videos. When there is any technical issue, you have to fix things by yourself or hire WordPress experts.

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4. Builderall vs. WordPress – Pricing Comparison 

The considerable difference between both platforms is the price factor. You have probably seen WordPress advertising as a “FREE” platform; however, if you want to do advanced functions or even install new themes or plugins, you’ll need to buy any of their plans which are discussed below. The features in WordPress packages are far more functional and valuable than Builderall. 

4.1 Builderall Pricing

Buiderall has a very changing nature in both pricing and features. Currently, they have three pricing plans;

  1. The Builderall Marketer plan costs you $69.90 a month, including 5 GB disk space, 5000 subscribers, 5 domain connections, SSL certificate, funnel sharing, superquick CDN servers, DDOS attack safe, split testing, Cheetah funnel builder, and much more. 
  2. The Builderall Premium plan costs you $79.90 a month, including; 15 domains, 10 GB disk space, unlimited email subscribers, list importing feature, funnel club, WordPress 3 click integration, VA access, live streaming for social media drop and drop editor, and much more. 
  3. The Funnel Club plan costs you the same as the Premium plan, but with an additional $199.00 only on the first payment. It offers you all the above plans’ features, unlimited sales funnels, automated email marketing, and your own affiliate program. 

Just like ClickFunnels, they also offer a 14-day free trial, but once the trial is over, you’ll be shifted to the subscription plan. In the free trial, you’ll get 100 subscribers, 1 GB disk space, ticketing support, more than 3 websites, and ticketing support. It also offers you unlimited subdomains, impressions, visitors, and membership areas. 

4.2 WordPress Pricing 

In WordPress, you can start with free 0$ for life and create beautiful and simple websites in minutes. Marketers opt for this option for creating free directory submission websites (web 2.0). The free plan has limited features, tools, and functionality when it comes to themes and plugins. In terms of packages, they offer four plans;

  1. The Personal Plan costs you $7 a month and includes premium hosting, unlimited email support, collect payments and remove ads from It is perfect for personal use. 
  2. The Premium Plan costs $14 a month and works perfectly for freelancers and professionals. Along with the above plan features, you’ll get to earn ad revenue, video uploading, Google analytics, premium themes, and unlimited email support. 
  3. The Business Plan costs you $33 a month, enabling you to install plugins from more than 50,000 WordPress plugins, advanced SEO, SFTP (SSH file transfer), and access to the database. 
  4. The eCommerce Plan costs $59 a month, offering automated site backups, payments transfer in 60+ states and countries, top shipping carriers integration, and premium designing options. 

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5. Builderall vs. WordPress: Which One To Choose? 

Builderall and WordPress both have a huge customer base due to several good specs. 

But you are probably thinking about which platform should I end up choosing for my online business? 

5.1 Use Builderall If 

Builderall is the finest choice if you want to create high-converting landing pages and a sales funnel. It comes with many tools and features that enable you to manage email marketing, landing pages, and sales funnels, all under an umbrella. Moreover, they have their marketing platform as well. 

5.2 Use WordPress If 

WordPress is good for you if your goal is to create outstanding websites and a blog for gaining organic traffic. The best part about this is the flexibility of adding more plugins and themes in the future. Moreover, you can start for free. 

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6. Pros and Cons of Builderall and WordPress 

We often determine the quality of the tool from its pros and cons analyzed by experienced persons. Here are the gains and losses of Builderall vs. WordPress

6.1 Builderall Pros 

  • More than 30 tools on one platform. 
  • Excellent for newbie entrepreneurs with a tight budget. 
  • A cheap alternative to much other software like ClickFunnels. 
  • Rapid up-gradation of new tools and features. 
  • Builderall also offers WordPress installation.

6.2 Builderall Cons 

  • Rapid changing and addition of more tools. 
  • High chances of bugs encountered. 
  • Overwhelming list of tools for beginners. 
  • Sales funnel and landing page templates are outdated. 
  • The tools and the interface are not very professional.

6.3 WordPress Pros 

  • Affordable and less expensive web development. 
  • Abundant of professional themes and templates. 
  • Highly responsive and mobile-friendly sites. 
  • Great search engine optimization. 
  • Quick and easy website update.
  • Perfect for eCommerce websites

6.4 WordPress Cons 

  • Navigation and maintenance of web design and development are challenging. 
  • Less features in the free package. 
  • The cost increases by adding more tools to WordPress. 
  • Security is a big complaint from many users.
  • Additional web design knowledge is required in updates. 

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6. Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are some frequently asked questions related to Builderall and WordPress. 

Builderall is one of the most comprehensive and useful online marketing platforms. It allows business owners to market and sell their products and services in an efficient way. Moreover, they provide great customer support at each step which is unfortunately not available in WordPress.
Builderall is definitely an outstanding software, but if compared with others, you’ll find much better solutions like ClickFunnels, which has a range of sophisticated features that deal with every part of your online business in a much professional way.
There are plenty of WordPress drawbacks and many of them are listed in the above cons section. With WordPress, you will face slow page speed, poor SEO ranking, less website vulnerability, and many others.
The most common users of WordPress are from Small Businesses and the Marketing & Advertising industry.
Apart from all little weaknesses, WordPress is known to have some security vulnerabilities such as backdoors from where the hacker gains access to your account through abnormal methods such as DFTP, FTP, WP-ADMIN, and others.

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7. Which One To Choose? Builderall vs. WordPress 

In the bottom line of Builderall and WordPress, we have two sides. 

On one side, we have WordPress, a platform that empowers thousands of businesses to run their blog and website and manage content marketing. It has a pyramid of features, plugins, and themes that help people build any website for “FREE.” However, the free plan’s features are limited, and it will take more time and money to attach different plugins, themes, and integrations. Moreover, you will likely need to hire experts for advanced customizations and integrations as they didn’t provide customer support which makes it more expensive. 

On the other hand, Builderall is an all-inclusive digital marketing platform that allows marketers and entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life, create the best online presence and manage it effectively. It’s one of the exceptional tools for website agencies, product creators, affiliate marketers, business owners, or people interested in online business. Moreover, they highly care about their customers by offering them multiple means of connection and support. Despite WordPress’s usefulness as a tool, Builderall carries the winner trophy due to its extensive marketing automation tools and features that offer much more than anyone.