How to Use Clickfunnels For Affiliate Marketing

Clickfunnel For Affilliate Marketing

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In the world of digital technology and modest marketing ways, you’ve probably heard about affiliate marketing and the best ClickFunnels affiliate program. It is the ultimate way to become successful on your entrepreneurial journey; it helps thousands of people worldwide make good monthly figures. 

We can describe affiliate marketing as an excellent way of growing together. All the affiliates work as a team, and they use their own methods and techniques to present and sell the product to the consumer. One of the most popular affiliate programs in the world is offered by ClickFunnels. Affiliates widely use it to make money online. The program offers high-end marketing features that make it super easy for the affiliate to generate high commissions. The best part of ClickFunnels, which makes it the top affiliate program, is the amazing 40% lifetime recurring commission, not only on the initial sales but on all the products your customer buys in his life. 

To provide all the excellent knowledge about affiliate marketing, the ClickFunnels affiliate program, and the best ways to start your game in affiliate marketing, we’ve created this ultimate guide packed with helpful strategies and the information you need to begin. You can also check our other well-crafted comprehensive comparison guides like LeadPages vs. ClickFunnels, which provide you all information you need about ClickFunnels features and tools. It also helps you to make an informed decision for your business. 


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1.The Benefits of Affiliate Marketing 

Businesses are more often adding affiliate marketing in their strategies due to the plenty of benefits. It is an effective way of marketing products or services on a low budget, effort, and time. With affiliate marketing, you can guarantee a high ROI (return on investment), increase brand awareness and business growth. 

This marketing model is based on hiring people to promote your product and give them an in-return commission based on their sales. It is a proven strategy that marketers use to boost sales. You can understand it as a partnership between a business and an affiliate to promote their products and make money on every sale they drive. 

The affiliate marketers use a unique link for tracking the traffic directed towards the site and get a certain percentage fixed by the brand. Here are some benefits of using marketing in your business;

  • Low cost of start-up
  • Low on-going costs
  • Low risk
  • Targeted Traffic
  • Flexibility
  • High ROI

It has been prevalent since 2015, and there are infinite chances of impressive growth in the next five years. 

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1.1 Some Stats of Affiliate Marketing 

Below are some affiliate marketing statistics; 

  • 84% of publishers and 80% of brands are using affiliate marketing.
  • Affiliate marketing annually generates approx 15% of digital industry revenue.
  •  It generates 16% e-commerce sales in Canada and the US. 

2. What Is a ClickFunnels Affiliate

We can define a ClickFunnels affiliate as someone who gets a specific percentage or commission on bringing customers into the ClickFunnels affiliate system. It is a popular recurring affiliate program. You don’t just get commission on the first sales, but you also get paid for everything else that customer buys, and it’s for life. 

2.1 How To Become an Affiliate 

There are three simple ways to become a ClickFunnels affiliate.

  • Method#1: Sign up by clicking here and avail the best offer from ClickFunnels.
  • Method#2: Sign up for a 14-day free trial of ClickFunnels (if you are not a member already)
  • Method#3: Enroll in a free affiliate Bootcamp by Russell Brunson.

2.2 How To Select Your Affiliate Product 

Whether you are a part-time affiliate marketer and take it as an extra revenue system or it’s your primary source of income, it’s necessary to find the best affiliate product. In so many products, it is a daunting task to select a quality product. 

Below are some tips for affiliate marketers to find out the best products;

  1.  Always sell a product you like. Assume yourself as your own client while choosing products and try them first by yourself (if possible). Read and analyze your product and be familiar with it.
  2. Don’t bound yourself to one product that is similar to your blog. Think out of the box and pick other related products. For instance, if your blog is about skincare, don’t just limit yourself to skincare products; you could also promote surgery clinics, saloons, best experts in town or skincare brand events, and much more. 
  3. Try adding additional products to the same category you are working on previously. It will increase the chances of conversion. Even in various products, some customers are more inclined to buy from a particular product category. 
  4. Make sure to identify your audience. It is necessary to understand exactly who your targeted audience is and who is currently buying products from you. Do some research and choose wisely what to sell, to whom, and how. You can use surveys, emails, or blog posts to find what your audience is looking for.
  5. After choosing the product based on your audience interest, choice, and research, it is crucial to check the commission level and earnings per click. Search for the products that will provide you good returns. 
  6. Upselling products is another method to increase commission. After the initial purchase, you can offer various other packages and products available at the time of purchase. For instance, a consumer buys shoes, and you offer him an instant shoe polish with foam and nylon socks. If the person chooses the other featured products, you’ll get an extra commission.  

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3. Why Promote ClickFunnels?

Promoting ClickFunnels means lifetime recurring commission or revenue. Apart from the sales funnel builder package, you can get a commission on different products like free books, free Bootcamp, and many others until the end of time.  

Moreover, they care a lot about their affiliates. ClickFunnels offer 40% to 90% recurring commission depending on the industry. Even 40% commission is incredibly high for a recurring affiliate program. Commissions are usually one-and-done deals, but here, this is not the case.

ClickFunnels is a quality product and one of its kind. It increases conversions, reduces the cost per lead, and helps businesses to boost revenue. If you are thinking of promoting ClickFunnels, be assured that you can stand behind 100% genuine and quality products. 

Lastly, ClickFunnels is not boring; there are tons of products with great price points to sell. Here are some of Russell’s info courses along with price points;

  • Traffic Secrets: around $297, depending on the promotion. 
  • Funnel Scripts: $797
  • Funnel Builder Secrets: $1997 to $5997 
  • The One Funnel Away Challenge: $100 (you can get 100% commission on this sale) 

The Russell’s Brunson free books with shipping cost only $1, but you can make more money later when the customer gets into the funnel and buys more stuff.  

4. How To Start Your Game With ClickFunnels Affiliate Program

No matter how skyrocketing your strategies are, few guidelines are always good to follow, especially at the beginning of the ClickFunnels affiliate marketing.

  1. Use all your strengths as a marketer. If you are good at Youtube, put more focus and time into it, like Marley Braid, one of the ClickFunnels super-affiliates, does. 
  2. Catch new customers by offering them an entry-level product and some free training books of Russell Brunson such as Shipping DotCom Secrets or Expert Secrets books.
  3. It’s better to target businesses with high LTV (lifetime value) so that they will become subscribers to ClickFunnels for the long run. The chances of buying Russell’s courses are higher in this way. 

4.1. 10 Ways To Make Money With ClickFunnels And Become Their Next Super Affiliate 

There are many ways to eat a kiwi; similarly, there are many approaches to make money as a ClickFunnels affiliate. Here are five ways to make money and become a super affiliate of ClickFunnels. 

  1. Utilize as many features of ClickFunnels as you can. You can share any of your funnels with a custom link which is called a shared funnel. 
  2. Offer free ClickFunnels training to people, especially those who are interested but not sure if this is the right choice for them or not. ClickFunnels can look overwhelming for tech newbies, but you can establish trust and confidence through training. It can be in the form of webinars, eBooks, one-on-one consulting, or virtual conferences. 
  3. You can create an info product course or ebook or blog covering topics related to ClickFunnels, like starting a blog, doing a podcast, or creating a membership site with ClickFunnels. 
  4. In your affiliate marketing journey, you can write in-depth reviews of the products you are promoting. It is one of the right ways to get organic Google traffic. By targeting the Keywords strategically, you can get your articles rank on the first page of Google. 
  5. You can sweeten the ClickFunnels deal by adding your bonus packages. And make sure to check the competitors and try to put together an even better offer. 

Check out the Best ClickFunnels Bonus Offer

  1. Build a bridge page and get people into your email list when they sign up for ClickFunnels. The page is between the traffic source and the confirmation page, where you can display various irresistible offers and bonuses. 
  2. It’s better to design your page, blog, or funnel similar to ClickFunnels, which instantly develops authority, and trust. Also, the color combo of red and blue is a psychological trigger that engages and drives people to click. 
  3. Posting product reviews on YouTube can be a significant traffic source for many ClickFunnels affiliates like Marlet Baird, Billy Gene, Joe Marfoglio, Steve Larsen, and many others. 
  4. Running paid ads and campaigns on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube can drive plenty of leads. Make sure to keep track of the money you spend on paid ads. If your costs get too high, it won’t be profitable, so spend wisely. 
  5. Automated email sequences are best in affiliate marketing. To create and automate your emails, you can use different integrations such as MailChimp, ConvertKit, etc. 

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5. FAQs of ClickFunnels for Affiliate Marketing

Here are some frequently asked questions about ClickFunnels and its affiliate marketing program. 

You can be a part of the ClickFunnels affiliate program by signing up for a 14-day free trial of the TwoCommaClub X plan (If you don’t already have ClickFunnels) or enroll in Russell’s free affiliate Bootcamp.
In the ClickFunnels affiliate program, you can earn up to 40% recurring commission per month.
Yes, you have to buy a ClickFunnels plan to start affiliate marketing.
The amount of commission depends on the number of sales you’ve made. In ClickFunnels, they offer a 40% recurring commission on each sale for a lifetime.
To ensure you’ll get paid on every commission, ClickFunnels track all your leads with sticky cookies.
Yes, They provide everything from banner ads to email swipe files to their affiliates for better promotion.

Bottom Line:

ClickFunnels super affiliates can be seen worldwide driving BMWs, Mercedes, Maserati’s, and Range Rovers, and you could be next. It is one of the best affiliate programs thus highly competitive, but you can nail it by applying the right tactics. 

The Clickfunnels team loads you with arms to fight and win the battle of affiliate marketing. They provide tools, instructions, and guidance on each step through webinars, video lectures, books, individual support, and much more to be successful together and expand the ecosystem of ClickFunnels affiliates.