Is ClickFunnels a CRM? – Everything You Need To Know!

Is Clickfunnels a CRM

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While CRM and marketing automation tools are pretty similar, they do have their differences. In this blog, we will tell you about CRM software and whether ClickFunnels is a CRM or not?  

Both tools help businesses to manage their products and clients in a better way and develop a thriving relationship with the customer. Before determining the best for your business you will need to identify the differences between CRM and automation tools.

1. What is CRM? 

CRM is a customer relationship management tool that is started to manage the client’s information that businesses gather and use for more marketing purposes. For instance, the information can be used to schedule meetings with clients, send them notifications for follow-up phone calls, automated emails, etc.  There are two main factors of CRM customer-centric strategy;

  • Presenting a perfect appearance to the consumer.
  • Providing a seamless consumer experience. 

CRM has many features like sales and customer relationship management, lead scoring, task tracking, and many more which are explained down below. It helps you to catch the unqualified leads and miss proposals. CRM software also reports deadlines and enables you to manage the workflow better. 

1.1 Customer Relationship Management Software Features 

CRM has the following set of features that are used to manage all corners of your business effectively; 

1.1.1 Consumer Data Management 

CRM helps you to collect and classify customer data. It includes contact information and communications through email, live chat, phone, or social media.

1.1.2 Sales Acceleration 

It assists you to automate your sales-related tasks. CRM streamlines the whole process of selling. With this software, you can allow sales reps and sales cycles to accelerate in a better way through the automation of monotonous tasks. These tasks are;

  • Shipment processing
  • Renewing contact details
  • Quotes generation
  • Sales forecast
  • Email creation and sending
  • Evaluating worker performance

CRM systems are the most approved and highly practiced kind of sales acceleration tool. 

1.1.3 Marketing Automation 

Most of the CRM’s have marketing automation abilities while others can be integrated with the latest marketing automation tools. These features are;

  • Lead management
  • Lead qualification
  • Email marketing & automation
  • Landing page creation
  • Website forms
  • Analytics

1.1.4 Customer Support 

Customer support is an essential feature of the CRM system. Marketers also integrate with third-party customer support software such as help desks. The customer support features are;

  • Ticketing systems
  • Live chat
  • Knowledge bases (blogs & articles)
  • Customer support portals

1.1.5 Additional Features 

Project management & (SMM) social media management abilities are also a part of CRM. Additional features of CRM are mentioned below; 

  • Ease of integration
  • Customization options
  • UX/UI Usability
  • Mobile access
  • Full security & privacy
  • Scalability

2. What is a Marketing Automation Tool? 

A marketing automation tool is used to utilize the user information collected from sales funnels and landing pages such as birthdays, recent purchases, and their personalized feed. It helps you to send them automated and personalized emails according to their interest. 

Collecting all information and managing it will be very effortful and time-consuming work. While if you opt for a marketing platform, it will automate all your tasks efficiently and provide better results than manual efforts. You’ll find plenty of automation platforms like Kartra, Builderall, LeadPages, etc. they not only provide automation but also enable you to build landing pages and sales funnels from their pre-built templates. 

You’re probably wondering; Is there any platform that provides both CRM and marketing automation? Yes, there is. Keep reading to know about that. 

3. Difference between CRM and Marketing Automation

Below are some common differences between CRM and Marketing Automation platforms;

  • CRM helps in sales force automation, contact management, pipeline, and opportunity management whereas marketing automation assists you in campaign management activities, communication, and customer segmentation. 
  • The main function of CRM is to build and improve relationships with existing and potential customers whereas a marketing automation tool is used to generate leads and run marketing campaigns for potential customers.
  • CRM is used by multiple departments such as customer service and sales, whereas a Marketing Automation platform is used by the marketing department of entrepreneurs.
  • CRM offers analytics about customer attraction and engagement whereas Marketing software offers analytics and reporting about campaigns and other marketing initiatives.

Both marketing automation platforms and CRM have the same goal to skyrocket your online business. 

4. Five Huge Benefits Of Using a CRM System 

Below are five benefits of using CRM for your business; 

  1. It provides you with much better data classification. You’ll need to add your list of consumer contacts, and leads into the system, start tracking your engagement and sales. 
  2. With CRM, you’ll notice an improvement in communication with your consumers. Your sales team can easily follow up with exceptional proposals by scheduling auto-reminders.
  3. Through selective data sharing, it allows you to share data with your sales team from the same resource.
  4. CRM ensures you don’t miss a single lead. Users can design forms and insert them into the pages of your website. The data you’ll gather through forms will automatically be exerted to your system for more leads generation. 
  5. With CRM, users can keep a record of weekly email reports which helps the team members to know their weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual goals.

4.1 When do you need a CRM? 

If you are still wondering whether you need a CRM or not, below are some problems or conditions that will help you to reach a bottom line;

  1. Consumer information is overloaded and badly managed. 
  2. Losing leads because of a cracked funnel.
  3. Confusing results of marketing efforts. 
  4. Plenty of time-wasting in finding emails from clients. 
  5. Missing appointments and deadlines.
  6. No idea of business growth and sales increase. 
  7. Unsatisfactory customer service.
  8. Multiple sales templates for closing deals.
  9. No consistency and sequence in e-mails. 
  10. Hard to manage the Google ads campaign.
  11. Making sales offline although having an online presence.
  12. Less team collaboration in your staff. 

5. What is ClickFunnels? 

Clickfunnels is a SAAS (Software as a service) developed to help businesses in showcasing their products and services, also sell and market them in a perfect way. With highly effective sales funnels, users can make sales swiftly and smoothly. ClickFunnels is an all-in-one platform that has exceptional sales funnels & landing pages. Moreover, there is no need to hire a programmer or landing page designer, anyone can build his own landing pages which is a root point of ClickFunnels. It is pretty easy for non-tech-savvy persons or people with zero coding experience. This platform provides you a chance to create your website as you want. 

The central concept of Clickfunnels is to transform leads into customers and clients. It works amazingly for both small and mid-size entrepreneurs. With ClickFunnels, you didn’t need a digital team which means plenty of money-saving on the hiring and paying process. Moreover, it also saves your time by enabling you to build a sales funnel that fulfills all business needs in a few minutes. You can build outstanding landing pages, webinars & memberships sites to renew your sales funnel.

ClickFunnels has up to 112,400+ active online consumers. It is a popular software among marketers and entrepreneurs and is usually compared with other platforms such as ClickFunnels vs. SamCart and many others to identify the best in both. ClickFunnels greatly assist you in every stage of online marketing & selling. 

As you know there are 3 levels of product marketing; product, audience,  and communication that should be aligned perfectly to achieve your marketing goals 

To start your journey of online marketing with ClickFunnels, you should know its tools, features, and functionalities. Start a 14-day free trial to get to know more about the platform.

5.1 Is Clickfunnels a CRM

ClickFunnels is an all-in-one marketing solution that caters to all your needs related to online marketing and selling. It has landing pages, sales funnels, email automation and marketing, and also a CRM which is known as Actionetics

It has pre-added CRM software that is super quick and efficient. However, you can also integrate other software with ClickFunnels if you want. Customer relationship management tool enables you to build landing pages and collect customers’ information and nourish them with follow-up emails. It provides you ready to build templates and personalized emails to convert your leads into paying customers.


 Start Free 14 Day Trial Now


With ClickFunnels CRM or simply Actionetics, you didn’t miss a single customer. To gain access to CRM in ClickFunnels, you will have to opt for a premium plan. There are three plans of ClickFunnels; Startup, Platinum, and Two Comma Club X. The basic plan doesn’t offer this functionality, however, you can insert third-party software such as Aweber or GetResponse. They are the best CRM Integrations for ClickFunnels but still can’t compete with the exceptional features of Actionetics. It allows you to build a solid link between your sales and marketing persons. It helps you to reach all the goals you’ve expected from CRM systems.

5.2 How Does ClickFunnels CRM Work? 

Clickfunnels is just like any other conventional CRM system but it has some very exceptional functions which differentiate it from other software in the market. It enables you to smoothly turn your prospect into a sale. The carefully crafted, high-converting sales funnels with a proven email automation system, Clickfunnels make it enough to attract and convince the targeted audience into loyal customers. 

The CRM software that Clickfunnels offers or known as Actionetics is a standard system that will make your business more manageable. Actionetics saves plenty of time & money, and also refrain from the additional effort of installing and working with a third party. 

5.3 Benefits of using follow up funnels 

Now, you may be wondering, why would you buy the expensive Platinum plan when you can use third-party CRMs. So here is the answer;

Clickfunnels Platinum plan has plenty of other benefits along with Actioneics and Follow Up Funnels like step-by-step training of sales funnels, Backpack tool, and much more. Moreover, the CRM is pre-added so it saves time on connecting with other systems and learning their tools and functionalities. And we all know that “time is money.” 

The goal of the ClickFunnels team is to skyrocket online businesses and help them to achieve more. Follow-up funnels in the application make it pretty easy to stay connected with your customers, collect, assemble and organize their data.  

5.4 How to use follow up funnels effectively 

Your method of using Follow Up Funnels should be practical and result-proven so that it does not just collect data, but also provides you great results. There are plenty of ways to start with Follow-up funnels. We prefer to filter people based on their interest in receiving content. Some people subscribe to your list to get some specific part of the knowledge about your product and others want to gain more from you which is why you should filter your audience by adding a double opt-in on your web pages.  

Double opt-in is a feature in ClickFunnels CRM that allows users to ask people that landed on your page whether they want to keep getting your emails or want to quit. It helps you to distinguish between interested and non-interested customers. Also, you want your subscribers to not only receive but open the emails so well-written content and graphics help you in this regard. We suggest you add a pretty-looking welcoming email for a perfect first impression. In this way, you can introduce your brand or services and also let them know how your services can change their lives. 

When we talk about emails, that doesn’t mean a large bulk of promotional emails that will make the customer sick. You are expected to send them helpful information or solutions to their problems without requesting anything in return. Suppose you are selling a showerhead with a filter that eliminates limescale and minerals from water and makes it healthy for skin and hair. In this case, you can send hair protection and repairing tips, skincare remedies, and much more to help your audience dealing with hair and skin problems. 

This is an unbeatable way of building a loyal audience who will face zero difficulties in spending money when you offer them something.  

6. Bottom Line 

ClickFunnels is not completely a CRM tool but it has a built-in CRM software accessible on the platinum plan which is known as Actionetics that seamlessly integrates with your sales funnel to give businesses powerful automation. Apart from that ClickFunnels is a funnel builder or SAAS (Software as Service) that provides plenty of features such as a drag-and-drop editor, page builder,  and highly converting sales funnel templates to build different types of content and product showcase for your business.