Kartra vs Kajabi – Which Landing Page Builder is Better?

Kartra -vs-Kajabi

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If you are searching for the best platform for your business. You must consider three important things: your customer base, your budget, and your primary marketing goal. The brainstorming and clarification of these three points make it easy for you to choose the best marketing platform for your business. 

You will find plenty of software and applications with varied costs and features, and choosing the best solution would be tiresome work; that’s why we have created detailed comparison guides. Like ClickFunnels vs. SamCart and Builderall vs. ClickFunnels, our crafted marketing guides enable thousands of entrepreneurs to find the right fit for their business. From an overview, detailed features, similarities, and differences to pros and cons, you will find everything you need to know about any software. 

In this guide, we will make a massive and honest comparison of Kartra vs. Kajabi. They are both fantastic software, but one of them is the king of marketing software and an all-in-one solution. Let’s find out what Kartra and Kajabi are, and the similarities and main differences between them. 


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1. What is Kartra?

Online selling of your services and products involves multiple stages and processes, such as landing page creation, funnel building, forms generation, email automation, post creation, social media sharing, and much more. You will need plenty of tools and integrations to fulfill the demands of online business. More tools mean more cost, and that’s the main reason for finding the solution that caters to all your needs and requirements. 

Kartra is an all-inclusive software with everything an entrepreneur needs to skyrocket their marketing strategy and achieve their business goals. Founded by Genesis Digital, Kartra is one place where you can get hosting, webinars, email marketing, shopping carts, video, split testing, and much more. It replaces multiple software and integration tools. If you are tired of incongruous tools, you must give Kartra a try!  

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2. What is Kajabi?

Kenny Rueter founded Kajabi in 2010. It is the leading educational and commerce platform that enables businesses to sell their knowledge about any subject matter to others. It is an excellent place for online courses, webinars, podcasts, newsletters, coaching, and much more. You will find the best membership sites in Kajabi. 

Kajabi is a full-fledged software that covers your whole digital product from start to end. If you have courses related to creative writing or graphic designing, you can utilize a course website like Udemy, but you will only offer your course. The need for a website, sales funnel, email marketing, shopping cart, and many other things remains. Here comes Kajabi, which helps you to craft a seamless experience for any means of knowledge such as podcasts or courses and has everything you’ve desired for. 

Moreover, It is not a market for courses, so you are absolutely independent in setting your content, service, or product prices. Plus, there is no need to worry about your member data or compliance, as Kajabi handles the security pretty well.

So, What are you thinking now? 

Tip: Don’t make any decision in a hurry. Go through every feature and reach the bottom line whether this software is perfect for your business or not. 

Below are some similarities and differences between Kartra and Kajabi, which will definitely help you clear your thoughts about them. 

3. Similarity Between Kartra vs Kajabi

Kajabi and Kartra are great platforms that help businesses achieve their marketing goals, for instance, acceleration in online sales, more popularity, saving cost on integration platforms, and many others. But which solution is perfect for you?

Here are some similarities of both platforms;

  • The onboarding process is highly professional and straightforward. 
  • Both have Facebook support groups. 
  • Both have the best training center. 
  • They offer progress tracking of all landing pages and funnels.
  • Both platforms provide the best email automation.
  • They have customized themes for landing pages.
  • Both of them have an outstanding sales funnel builder. 
  • They provide video hosting, drag & drop builder, and upsells. 
  • Both platforms accept feature requests to improve the software.
  • Both Kartra and Kajabi offer free trials. 

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4. Differences Between Kartra vs Kajabi 

Apart from the useful similarities in both platforms, they have significant differences such as;

  • Kartra focuses on product marketing and increasing sales, whereas Kajabi focuses on online knowledge selling such as courses.
  • Kartra is suitable for all kinds of business, while Kajabi is mainly for educational purposes.
  • Kartra provides four membership tiers, while Kajabi offers 3. 
  • Kartra offers email and chats support in all three plans, whereas Kajabi offers live chat in only Growth and Pro plans. 
  • Kartra accepts both PayPal and credit card payments, while Kajabi receives Stripe and PayPal. 
  • Kartra offers secure in-app video hosting, whereas Kajabi allows third-party video hosting. 

5. The Main Features of Kartra 

Kartra has a broad list of features and includes everything a marketer needs; email automation, cart checkouts, webinars, split testing, video, and other essential tools. 

5.1 Email automation & marketing 

Kartra has award-winning email marketing campaigns that can easily be customized and adjusted by the drag-and-drop feature. You can find the short welcome campaigns (3 emails) to as long as (12 emails); depending on your heart desire, you can complicate them as you want. Kartra has covered you in email marketing via autopilot.

The best online marketers create Kartra marketing campaigns; Frank Kern, Andy Jenkins, and many others. They provide successful campaigns for your business. 

5.2 Affiliate management 

Affiliate marketing is an integral part of eCommerce. It is a cost-effective way to sell your products and services, but managing your affiliates is tiresome work. Kartra offers the best affiliate management system with flexible commissions, payment frequencies, affiliate landing pages, mailing lists, and custom sign-up pages.

In Kartra, users can also use Paypal payments to pay affiliates immediately upon transaction. No matter if it’s subscription-based or transaction-based, you can set up several commission tiers and add joint investment financiers.

5.3 Shopping cart 

Kartra makes the shopping process much easier by completely automating the shopping cart and checkout system. With this all-inclusive app, you can focus on producing more products, not on generating sales. Kartra supports PayPal and credit card payments. It offers plenty of options related to E-commerce, such as;

  • Showcase unlimited products.
  • Add several price points. 
  • Free trials and discounts 
  • One-click transactions for the loyal customers
  • Pausing subscriptions & cart abandonment 

5.4 Video hosting 

You can use Kartra for hosting and streaming videos by simply uploading them. Some users of Kartra have complained about the charges from direct video hosting. Apart from the bandwidth problem, it offers more options on embedded videos such as custom thumbnails, video sharing, and autoplay. 

Moreover, you can add a watermark to the video for branding purposes. Kartra video hosting automatically optimized all videos for any device. You can mention your viewers in the video. It is excellent for reporting the engagement of videos. 

5.5 Membership sites 

With Kartra, users can quickly build and customize membership sites according to their needs. It allows you to upload files, podcasts, videos or merge them to create a seamless user experience. It offers you four membership plans which are bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. You can increase engagement by dropping the content over time or giving all your info at once. 

You can check user progress through analytics which is a great way for testing your content and analyzing the improvement points. In Kartra, You can have one main log-in, irrespective of the memberships you have. It is best for increasing cross-sells and member engagement.

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6. The Main Features of Kajabi 

Kajabi is known for the best membership sites and online courses. They provide plenty of useful features such as email sequences and broadcast, video hosting, membership sites, shopping carts, and much more.  

6.1 Email Sequences & Broadcasts 

Kajabi offers email sequences and broadcasts. It is an automated series of emails sent directly to new subscribers. With the broadcast feature, you can send emails to all contacts on your mailing list. Both of these features are necessary for sales and marketing. 

6.2 Video hosting 

Wistia is used for securing videos in Kajabi. Users are allowed to insert these videos on websites, courses, membership sites, and podcasts programs. All videos are encrypted and fully secured so that there isn’t a single chance of fraud or misuse. It is much more secure than hosting videos on Vimeo and YouTube. 

6.3 Membership Sites 

You will find three membership plans; Bronze, Silver, or Gold in Kajabi. These levels can be customized according to your choice. You can add different functionalities and allow customers to enter and pay directly on your website.

6.4 Shopping Cart 

Kajabi made this process easier by offering Stripe and PayPal in the checkout process for a seamless buying experience. There is no need to direct your customer to another website for checkout. Kajabi doesn’t accept credit cards which is the noticed drawback of this application. 

6.5 Website Builder 

Website builders in Kajabi provide customizable templates that can be ready to build for any kind of business. You can personalize it according to your needs and demands. You can modify any theme without having a grip on web designing or coding.  

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7. Kartra vs. Kajabi – Pricing 

Both marketing software are very different in terms of pricing. Kajabi has three tiers, while Kartra has four plans. Both are crafted in keeping the view of catering small to large business budgets. Kartra offers a $1 trial for fourteen days, while Kajabi offers a free trial for up to fourteen days. 

7.1 Kartra 

Kartra offers 4 well-crafted plans along with a 14-day trial for $1. 

  • Starter: It costs $99 a month and includes 2,500 leads, 1 custom domain, 15K emails, 100 pages, 50 videos, a help desk, 50 GB bandwidth, and much more. 
  • Silver: It costs $199 a month and includes 12,500 leads, three custom domains, unlimited emails, bandwidth, videos, products, membership sites, and help desk, etc. 
  • Gold: It costs $299 a month and includes 25K leads, five custom domains, unlimited emails, domains, bandwidth, membership sites, help desk, Kartra agency, and much more. 
  • Premium: It costs $499 a month and includes 50K leads, ten custom domains, unlimited emails, bandwidth, videos, products, membership sites, members, helpdesk, Kartra agency, and much more. 

Note: Kartra offers up to a 25% discount if you pay annually. 

7.2 Kajabi 

Kajabi offers 3 plans and all of them include a 14-day free trial. You can easily get the free trial by filling out personal and work details. 

  • Basic: It costs $149 a month and includes three products, three pipelines, unlimited landing pages, and marketing emails, 1K active members, 10K contacts, one website, one admin user, and much more.  
  • Growth: It costs $199 a month and includes 15 products, 15 pipelines, unlimited pages and emails, 25K contacts, 10K active members, one website, and ten admin users, along with chat support and much more. 
  • Pro: It costs $399 a month and includes 100 products and pipelines, three websites, 100K contacts, 20K active members, and 25 admin users along with chat support and much more. 

Note: Kajabi offers a 20% discount on annual payments. 

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8. Kartra vs Kajabi – Pros and Cons 

Both Kartra and Kajabi have their advantages and missing points. In every feature and functionality, something is missing in one that the other one has.

8.1 Kartra 

Kartra is a cloud-based marketing solution designed to help small to large businesses create, launch, and manage their online sales. Below are some pros and cons of Kartra. 

8.1.1 Pros 

  • Well-crafted plans for membership.
  • Professional onboarding process.
  • Plenty of in-app and third-party integrations.
  • Detailed webinar training.
  • Cost-effective, one-stop solution.
  • Support group, live chat, and email support. 
  • Kartra tools are included in all plans.
  • No coding is required. 

8.1.2 Cons

  • The trial period is quite short to determine the software. 
  • Only have four memberships.
  • Landing page building doesn’t have advanced features.
  • Email automation faces issues.
  • Customer service is quite slow.
  • The checkout process loads slowly.

8.2 Kajabi 

Kajabi is a content marketing platform designed to enable medium to large businesses to utilize ready-to-built templates to create and sell engaging content in the form of coaching programs or online courses. Here are some pros and cons of Kajabi; 

8.2.1 Pros 

  • Customizable themes for all types of business.
  • Convenient dashboard. 
  • A complete platform for marketing. 
  • Facebook group with more than 27K members. 
  • Great customer service. 
  • Professional and easy onboarding. 

8.2.2 Cons 

  • Price is higher for small to medium businesses.
  • No integration for sales tax.
  • No credit card payments are accepted other than Stripe & PayPal. 
  • Coding experience is required for advanced themes.
  • Plenty of issues with email deliverability.
  • Less availability of customization in many features.
  • Doesn’t provide completion certificates of courses. 

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9. FAQ’s – Kartra vs Kajabi 

Below are some frequently asked questions about Kartra and Kajabi; 

In terms of CRM, Kartra has the best-integrated analytics. It will enable you to keep track of your customers at each stage.
Kartra has four plans; starter, silver, gold, and platinum. You can check the complete pricing details here.
With the help of Zapier, You can connect Kajabi and WordPress in a few minutes. Along with 43 other possible integrations.

10. Kartra vs. Kajabi – Bottom Line 

Kartra and Kajabi are pretty similar in terms of the functions they provide. However, their purpose is different. Kajabi is built for online courses and other means of knowledge like membership sites, podcasts, webinars, etc. Kartra highly focuses on marketing products and services. Kajabi is about projects. Not products. If you have an excellent and well-performing funnel but need an entire membership site, It should be your lead choice as it is more comprehensive than other membership site builders. 

Our best suggestion is Kartra. It is a worthy alternative to other top-rated marketing software such as ClickFunnels, Builderall, and others. It is an all-in-one tool you need to get started on your online journey.