Leadpages vs. ClickFunnels -In-Depth and Unbiased Review

Leadpages vs Cliclfunnel

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Are you searching for a landing page builder and struggling to choose between ClickFunnels and Leadpages? Don’t worry; we will make it super easy for you by elaborating on each and everything about these two most famous landing page builders. 

Before jumping into the detailed comparison of ClickFunnels vs. Leadpages, let’s briefly discuss the exact purpose of landing pages and sales funnels. Do you know how you can build an excellent landing page or how a good sales funnel can be created? 

1.What is a landing page? 

A landing page is a standalone web page that is mainly built for marketing purposes. It is created with a unique focus or goal, known as a call to action. A landing page is the best option for improving the conversion rates of your marketing campaigns and reducing your cost of acquiring a lead or sale. It is a place where visitors reach after they click on a link in an email, Google ads, YouTube, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other sites on the web. 

2.What is a Sales Funnel?  

A funnel is a series of steps that a buyer takes, from visiting your website to finally taking action, usually buying a product or service. But, it can vary from funnels to funnels, such as filling out a subscription form, an easy sign-up, or making a purchase. When the desired action is completed, It is known as conversion. The foremost aim of a funnel is to encourage you to optimize your marketing goals based on your user’s funnel stage. There can be different types of sales funnel with various purposes like; Sales Funnels, Nurturing leads funnels, Upsell Funnels, Membership Funnels

Let’s understand funnels more clearly with the help of an example;

You want to sell tattoo designs online. Here are some steps that will be a part of your funnel;

  1. The person comes to your landing page.
  2. Check the available tattoo designs.
  3. Sign up for a free custom design (lead magnet) and receive a quote.
  4. Set up an appointment and make your deposit (conversion)

While running these steps, you can easily track the points where you are gaining and losing customers. As in the above example, the free custom designs act as your lead magnet. Many people will sign up and craft a custom design; not all of them will make a purchase, but their chances are more than others. At this point, you can nurture these leads by automation and turn them into customers. 

Moreover, you can target your customers in a more focused way rather than filling their spam folder with unwanted marketing emails.

According to the Wishpond survey in the previous year, “An ordinary conversion rate of a (B2B) landing page is approx 13.28 percent and 9.87 percent of B2C landing pages.

Testing multiple versions is the key to improve your landing page and increase conversions. 

It means that you will need to create those pages until you get your desired results. Building a landing page from scratch is exhausting and time-taking, and that’s why we have plenty of excellent landing page builders. 

With many landing page-building tools, it’s hard to choose one as all of them are good in one way or the other. You can use ClickFunnels, Leadpages, Builderall, Kartra, Unbounce, Instapage, and 10-minute Funnels. From our experience in building landing pages and sales funnels, we can say that ClickFunnels is undoubtedly a great one. You can read our previous detailed comparisons of ClickFunnels with other popular marketing software;

This comprehensive guide will review ClickFunnels vs. Leadpages and split all of the essential features that help thousands of customers build the perfect landing page for themselves. 

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3. ClickFunnels  vs Leadpages 

Before starting the comparison of both platforms, it is essential to state that both ClickFunnels and Leadpages are outstanding in their ways. Each of them has a specific purpose. Apart from the differences, many useful features in them benefit entrepreneurs to achieve their marketing goals. Let’s begin with Leadpages!

4. What is Leadpages? 

Leadpages is a simple landing page building tool, which has an efficient drag and drop builder. They integrate with Email Service Providers (ESPs) to attract leads for additional lead nurturing. 

Why use Leadpages? 

 Leadpages are a simple tool that takes minimum time to load and supports you in building some highly converting landing pages. No coding knowledge is required for Leadpages.

5.Leadpages Feature List 

Leadpages is an effective tool that helps you generate leads and make money through landing pages, emails, SMS, and social media platforms. Here is the feature list of Leadpages;

  1. With the drag-and-drop builder, you can customize your landing page by adding elements like images, buttons, texts, widgets, and many more. 
  2. It has plenty of mobile-friendly templates. Pick one that has a tremendous effect on both smartphone screens and desktop. 
  3. Leadpages offers you an A/B (split) testing option to add landing pages and opt-in forms to see which version works best for you. 
  4. They offer multiple integrations with various software. 
  5. The robust analytics Leadpages offers an overview of your landing page performance. It has two-step opt-in forms; the lead capture pop-ups and the built-in lead magnet delivery system.
  6. SMS opt-in codes & 1-Click sign-up links through automated SMS conversation.
  7. Publishing options to your existing sites and domains.
  8. Pre-designed templates for more ease and less time consumption. 
  9. Simple and easy WordPress Plugin
  10. SEO-Friendly landing pages
  11. Double Opt-in compatibility to sync all your email services with great ease. 
  12. Receive leads directly to your inbox if you don’t have an email service yet.
  13. Works with all popular Email service providers such as Infusionsoft, MailChimp, AWeber, Etc.
  14. Countdown timer addition for limited offers. 
  15. Excellent video embedding to convert your pages into a multimedia experience.

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6. Role of Leadpages in Your Business 

Leadpages can help you in many things. However, it effectively captures leads and lacks a lot when it comes to sending regular emails to your customers. It has plenty of templates that boost the conversion rate and increase your email lists quickly. Here is how Leadpages can help in your business;

Hosting a webinar 

Webinar software is usually a bit expensive. Leadpages offers a webinar template to embed your live webinar presentation. Users can also embed an instant chat box for Q/A sessions and conversations. In Leadpages, you can also add a Google Hangouts broadcast.

Opt-in boxes 

Leadpages offers you a professional and cool pop-up for your visitors to subscribe to your blog. Relevant content with CTA (call-to-action) makes opt-in boxes more effective.

Landing page (opt-in form) 

Designing an extremely converting landing page could also be a tedious task unless you’re using Leadpages. It is straightforward and fast. There are lovely templates to choose from.


Emails will be automatically sent out to your new subscribers once they are opt-in. All you need to do is build a LeadBox in Leadpages and transfer your freebie. 

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Email Subscribers

You can collect email subscribers via text messaging by sending lines or messages to a specific number. Your user will respond with their email address, and then they will automatically be added to your subscribers’ list. It is a more decent way to ask your visitors to send their mailing ID rather than pushing them to your website or URL.

Ready to build  

The sales template in Leadpages is perfect for building a sales landing page. And, the best part; you customize it according to your needs.

Thank You, Page,

Saying Thank You is always great and best for your brand reputation. Showcase your thank you page once the user subscribes. You can also add call-to-action buttons to ask your users to spread the word on social media directly from here. 

7.Leadpages Integration 

Leadpages provide abundant integrations and make your whole sales funnel process easier. It enables you to integrate into all the segments such as analytics, CRM, social media, or email marketing. Mainly, the Leadpages’ integrations will be segmented as: 


Analytics is vital to do anything. To strategize your next move, It is essential to have elaborated insights regarding your marketing efforts. Leadpages enables integration with Google Analytics and is cooperative with Google Tag Manager and all Javascript analytics platforms.

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To run successful and effective campaigns, you will need CRM integrations after lead capturing. Leadpages integrates with Salesforce and Infusionsoft, also compatible with Zoho. 


Leadpages have options to fulfill your online retail store requirements as well. It integrates with Interspire and 1ShoppingCart to support your eCommerce needs. Moreover, it is compatible with Shopify.

Email campaigns 

It is the most crucial aspect. Leadpages allows you to integrate with plenty of email marketing software, like GetResponse, Mailchimp, iContact, SendReach, and many others.

Digital Advertising 

Leadpages help you to increase your traffic by having compatibility with Google AdWords and Facebook Ads. It will send targeted ads and assign PPC landing pages sequentially.

Marketing Automation 

B2B automation is necessary to have smooth B2B marketing. Leadpages allows you to integrate with Marketo, Hubspot, and Ontraport for excellent B2B campaigns.


PayPal and Stripe are the two most popular transaction tools for online payment, and Leadpages is compatible with both of them. Online payment is undoubtedly the future, right!

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Social Media 

Leadpages have super compatibility with Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and LinkedIn, the most popular networking site. Leadpages help you to capture leads quickly and as much as possible. 


GoToWebinar and WebinarJam/EverWebinar are two awesome tools to integrate for hosting webinars with Leadpages. 


Leadpages offers you to integrate with Drupal, Squarespace, Joomla, Wix, and Weebly, and if you are using WordPress, you can Integrate the WP Plugin. 

8.Leadpages Pricing 

You are probably thinking how much does Leadpages cost? They offer three plans in the monthly subscription and you will find both monthly and annual plans in Leadpages. 

Standard Plan: 

It is crafted for small businesses and starts at $37/month, including one free domain, unlimited landing pages, best website templates, integrated Facebook ad builder, embed on any site, friendly email support, advanced HTML export, and access to an affiliate program. 

Pro Plan:  

Pro plan for professional marketers starts at $79 per month, which includes all options of the standard plan and free domain registration, A/B split testing, partner discounts, email automation, priority chat, email support, and many more.

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Advanced Plan  

The advanced plan starts at $321 per month. It includes all pro plan features and five sub-accounts, 50 domains, priority phone, chat, email support, and Integrations from HubSpot, Salesforce, Marketo. 

In Leadpages, you can also opt for annual subscriptions with the same plans.

  • Standard: $27/month 
  • Pro: $48/month 
  • Advanced Plan: $199/month

9. Pros and Cons Of Leadpages 

Listing the pros and cons of every application free up your mental fatigue and pressure and helps you in solid decision-making. The pros and cons of Leadpages will guide you towards a conclusion of whether to take it or not.

Pros of Leadpages: 

  • Professional landing pages in minimal time.
  • Great analytics source 
  • Ability to customize features
  • Drag and drop templates
  • Fast browsing experience
  • Create professional-looking pages in no time
  • Great community help because of its popularity
  • Economically more affordable

Cons of Leadpages: 

  • Doesn’t have an email marketing service
  • Creating funnels is a bit tiresome.
  • The drag and drop editor can be fussy.
  • The quality of templates is not at par with other alternatives.

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10.What is ClickFunnels? 

ClickFunnels is a competitive and unique landing page-building tool. The homepage is rich in content and provides information to help you find what you are looking for. It is straightforward and easy, with plenty of excellent built-in templates.

As the name indicates, It is not just about landing pages. You can also build a sales funnel for your business in this software. You might find it similar to Leadpages in landing page design due to the drag and drop feature, but ClickFunnels has more extra features and functionalities than Leadpages.

ClickFunnels allows you to create and organize your complete sales funnel through online funnel templates. Moreover, the landing page you build using ClickFunnels is not a standalone thing. It will be part of a sales funnel.

With ClickFunnels, you can quickly generate various funnels, such as the webinar registration funnel, Thank You page, and many more. You will find the billing part also; if you need one. Sales will be flawless with this application.

11.Features of ClickFunnels 

ClickFunnels provides some impressive figures on its homepage. Undoubtedly, figures can create a true impact!

ClickFunnels fairly deal with customers; there is no hide and seek. As you scroll down the homepage, all your questions will immediately be answered, such as What is a Sales Funnel and why your business will need it; and how ClickFunnels caters to the needs, what are other types of funnels, and how you can use every available feature in ClickFunnels.

Update: Clickfunnels privacy policy is updated, and they have mentioned the GDPR and CCPA related updates. It is now CCPA and GDPR ready. ClickFunnels provides numerous features that can be practiced to accompany the best GDPR and CCPA updates. 

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12.Features Walk-Through 

ClickFunnels is a straightforward marketing tool that makes it very easy to form a comparison. Let’s have a quick walkthrough of the main features of ClickFunnels.

  • Easy and robust drag and drop editor
  • Best Landing page builder
  • Autoresponder email software
  • Split (A/B) Testing
  • Complete website hosting
  • Professional templates and themes 
  • Straightforward WYSIWYG Editor (What you see is what you get) 
  • Tracking Conversions (best analytics) 
  • Membership sites
  • Plenty of Sales Funnels refers to ‘Funnel-in-a-box.’
  • Opt-ins (Two-step & Instant) 

13.Using ClickFunnels: Simple Steps 

You will get a detailed guide in this software to learn how to create a landing page in ClickFunnels. There are GIFs, images, and videos (tutorials) to support you at every step of building a landing page or a sales funnel. 

  1. The foremost step is to select a Sales Funnel. If you have dropped the explanation of the funnel, you can scroll up to get the details. ClickFunnels has six pre-built funnels; perfect webinar, bestseller book, product launch, real stuff funnel, fishbowl funnel and networking marketing – bridge funnel. 
  2. Drag and drop your message. Customize it by placing and moving different elements if you need them. 
  3. Add the action sequences of your funnel, such as emails, texts, Etc.
  4. Launch your funnel, and you’re done. 

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14.ClickFunnels Integrations 

ClickFunnels is the king of integrations if compared with other tools. It allows both in-app and third-party integrations with many of the most famous names like AWeber, Mailchimp, ConstantContact, Drip, Pureleverage, Sendlane, Etc. In ClickFunnels, you can also add shopping cart (e-commerce) software like Infusionsoft, Stripe, Taxamo, Clickbank,  JVZoo, and Ontraport. 

15.ClickFunnels Pricing 

ClickFunnels offers a 14-days free trial to get an idea of whether it is suitable for your business or not. It’s an outstanding tool with inclusive support. ClickFunnels has three pricing plans;


 Start Free 14 Day Trial Now



Basic plan

$97 a month with 20 funnels, 100 pages, three custom domains, three payment gateways, access to ClickFunnels form, and Funnelflix. It doesn’t offer email marketing automation. 

Platinum plan:

 $397 a month with unlimited funnels and pages, email automation, nine payment gateways, nine custom domains, additional training, and priority support

TwoCommaClubX plan: 

$2.497 a month with all feature sets of the platinum plan, 27 domains, VIP phone support, 27 payment gateways, and priority support. 


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16.Pros and Cons of ClickFunnels

Every application or tool has its pros and cons and analyzing them is important as it helps you in decision making. Clearly defined positives and negatives improve the person’s understanding and prevent wrong decisions. 

Pros of ClickFunnels 

  • Excellent speed of implementation and easy customization.
  • Easy to use and straightforward interface. 
  • Abundant of integrations, zaps, custom codes, and webhooks. 
  • All data and information in one place; dashboard. 

Cons of ClickFunnels: 

  • Low page load speed due to the shared server.
  • Bugging in image uploading. 
  • A bit costly 
  • Time-taking email support, not available on weekends. 

17.ClickFunnels vs. Leadpages 

After the deep dive into both the tools, it is crystal clear that ClickFunnels is a more effective tool for all types of businesses and entrepreneurs. It is an all-in-one solution. Leadpages is a tool with one focus that is building landing pages. 

ClickFunnels is a complete package that offers more than just landing pages. The landing page builder is a part of the whole “Sales Funnel.” ClickFunnels is a highly exceptional version of Leadpages.

Both tools are similar in many ways. Some of the standard features are:

  • Create landing pages using simple (WYSIWYG) Editor
  • Mobile responsive landing pages
  • A/B Split testing
  • Webinar Funnels
  • A vast collection of themes and templates
  • Two-step opt-ins
  • Instant opt-ins

Now let’s overview what ClickFunnels has, and Leadpages doesn’t;

The first and unique thing that ClickFunnels offers is the 6 Built-in sales funnels. Both Leadpages and ClickFunnels have Webinar funnels to raise online events, but ClickFunnels offer automated and advanced Webinar Funnels. It also provides;

  • Smart email sequencing
  • Full funnel conversion view
  • Tracking per page conversions
  • Change funnel order 
  • The accessible page or funnel replication
  • Member metrics
  • Drip content
  • Lock membership content
  • Smart payment integrations

You can try this excellent tool before paying a single penny. The 14-day free trial is the winning point of ClickFunnels. Let’s jump into the feature-based comparison of both ClickFunnels vs. Leadpages and find out which one does better in which category.

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18.Feature-based Comparison 


ClickFunnels probably feels much costly to you, but with the kind of features and conversions you will receive, this price is simply worth it. There would be no pricing comparison between Leadpages and ClickFunnels because both of them have different functionalities.


Leadpages and ClickFunnels have tremendous dashboards, but ClickFunnels wins with its robust statistical data and flat icons. Leadpages offers various features such as landing page creation, lead generation, and user performance metrics. But, Clickfunnels enables you to manage all your operations from one centralized dashboard, restricting you from getting lost in the confusion of so many bundled up features.

Drag and Drop Editor 

When it comes to the editor, both of them have the same drag and drop function with a bit of difference in various functions. ClickFunnels wins in this category as it has a powerful editor with more features. In comparison, Leadpages has some limitations in editing page headlines or structure. ClickFunnels’s customization is super easy and well-performing. 

Lead Capturing and Nurturing 

ClickFunnels facilitates quick lead capturing and nurturing. On the other hand, Leadpages only capture leads. With ClickFunnels, you can create sales funnels promptly or select new funnels from a range of ready-to-build sales funnel templates. Funnel selection is based on your business type from different categories such as education, e-commerce, webinars, and many others.

While creating funnels, you will get two options; cookbook builder and the classic funnel builder. Cookbook builder is all about pre-built funnels, and the classic funnel builder is the DIY builder or a custom funnel.

Leadpages provide you sales funnels building options, but it is exhausting and not that spontaneous and effortless compared to ClickFunnels. The exciting thing about Leadpages is that it gives users a lead boxes functionality that allows you to expand your email list without landing pages. Users will need to add the lead box code into any javascript and HTML website, and you are good to go.

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Affiliate Program 

Both Leadpages and ClickFunnels have an affiliate program feature. Leadpages will give you a commission at a 30% rate, while ClickFunnels affiliate offers a 40% lifetime recurring affiliate commission.

Template Design 

ClickFunnels is undoubtedly the king of pre-built templates and the limit of their customization. The abundant landing pages that Clickfunnels offers are to put them all together and create a sales funnel.

However, if you need a clean and simple landing page, then Leadpages is the reasonable option. The customization is much limited in Leadpages. You can generate sales funnels for marketing purposes in Leadpages, but it is not as smooth as Clickfuunels.


Clickfunnels allows you to track the key performance metrics by integrating with Google Analytics. Users can retarget people based on their behavioral data or track conversions. ClickFunnels serves better in complex analytical details of big businesses. 

Leadpages also allows Google analytics integration and provides details such as page views, earnings, conversions, Etc. You can check all the analytics details on one page in Leadpages. 

Split testing A/B 

You will find A/B split testing in both ClickFunnels and Leadpages. 

In Leadpages, you can test various page versions and locate the one that performs more satisfying. The option of split testing is only available in advance packages of Leadpages. 

While ClickFunnels offers a split-testing option in all of their plans. You can get all the details of the various versions of your landing pages and sales funnels in one place. ClickFunnels allows you to inspect the entire funnel statistics in the dashboard and examine the progress of each stage of your funnel. After checking the details, one can improve the bad-performing landing pages.

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19.Who should use ClickFunnels? 

  • Perfect for established businesses looking for an all-in-one marketing solution to improve conversions.
  • Require more than just landing pages such as member metrics, drip content, and autoresponders.
  • Looking forward to expanding your monetization options.
  • For creating actual sales funnel with maximum customization. 

20.Who should use Leadpages? 

  • Newbies are looking forward to increasing their email lists. 
  • Searching for an affordable landing page builder. 
  • Requires a single-step landing page without any other complicated requirements.

21.Clickfunnels Quick Round-Up 

In a quick round-up let’s summarize what does Clickfunnels do? 

The main reason for suggesting ClickFunnels is the maximum relief of having a tool that can do multiple things. Running several tools together will probably be a mess. ClickFunnels is the ultimate winner in template building, creating funnels with individual landing pages, easy customization, and detailed analytics. Besides quality features, ClickFunnels surpasses Leadpages in payment integrations. ClickFunnels undoubtedly provides an extraordinary impact on the fullness of your business. You won’t regret spending a high price on this tool after getting all the features you want. 

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22.Leadpages quick round-up 

Leadpages are the best for simple landing pages to capture leads only. They have an excellent range of pre-built templates with a clean and crisp design. Another benefit is the easy learning of the tool, as the features are pretty straightforward. Indeed a great option for small businesses.

23.FAQs on comparisons of Leadpages and ClickFunnels:


Clickfunnels allows you to build landing pages quickly and efficiently. It is an all-in-one platform. ClickFunnels can support you better to grow your business, sell your products and create effective follow-up campaigns. It enables you to design and check the performance of your sales funnel via a single platform.
ClickFunnel is all about automating the sales process by building impressive landing pages, selling products, and taking control of every stage of the buyer’s journey. It catches customer’s information and helps in generating sales funnels and follow up with your potential customers.
Leadpages help in creating landing pages, perform split testing, and leading generations with plenty of templates. On the other hand, ClickFunnels is an all-in-one marketing software that offers loaded features to build well-performing sales funnels and increase your business growth.
ClickFunnels is easy to use (SAAS) software as a service. You can create funnels with a simple drag-and-drop feature. It is not a complicated tool. Also, ClickFunnel has much information on the web in tutorials, FAQs, and how-to-blogs.
Building a landing page for your business is a great way to increase traffic, grow your SEO and build your brand. A good landing page leads customers to a particular service, product, or offer and creates a customer base by conversions.
It is one of the advanced tools for creating great landing pages that convert visitors into customers. ClickFunnels is not just a landing page builder but an all-in-one marketing software. It offers plenty of features to present, market, and sell your product.
Integration is super easy in Leadpages. You just have to download the Leadpages WordPress Plugin, and after installation, you can follow the steps as guided by the Leadpages.
Leadpages capture the customer’s information through more subscribers from landing pages. Users can use this information to communicate with prospective leads.